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Socrates Worldview

Socrates was a raggedy old man that spent his time searching and looking for all of the answers to the world. The readings we started on took us to Socrates in his last days and arguing with friends if he should escape or not. We will get to look at though the worldview analysis Socrates findings of his years searching and his personal view portrayed by ones around him.

Bodily Attachment
Socrates believes the human problem is inside us ourselves. We are all souls inhibiting bodies and Socrates states that the body is our problem. “So long as we keep to the body and our soul is contaminated with this imperfection, there is no chance of our ever attaining satisfactorily to our object, which we
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Purpose Socrates purpose is to be someone that probes ideas and makes them come to understand things more. Making people examine and define what they believe in opens their lives more and order their priorities. Socrates wants all to know what we are, and that is souls that live-forever. Socrates believes the purpose in life is the development of the soul and not the body. He thinks we should do the very least for our body and spend time working on our soul. Even though he was going to be put to death unless he changed his ways he said he would continue to say, “Gentlemen, I am your very grateful and devoted servant, but I owe a greater obedience to God than to you; and so long as I draw breath and have my faculties, I shall never stop practicing philosophy and exhorting you and indicating the truth for everyone that I meet. I shall go on saying, in my usual way, “my very good friend, you are an Athenian and belong to a city which is the greatest and most famous in the world for its wisdom and strength. Are you not ashamed that you give your attention to acquiring as much money as possible, and similarly with reputation and honor, and give no attention or thought to truth and understanding and the perfection of your soul?”” (Apology 29d-e) Even at death Socrates wants to continue spreading that the soul is what matters and that our purpose is to invest our time into it and not in to wealth or honor of the body. When our body dies our soul lives on and


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