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Irahani, Shara-aisa A. BEEd-I EdSci 102-A Feb. 18, 2014

“Race for the Double-Helix”

What were your first impressions of the main characters?
James Watson: An American biologist man who has a research about the DNA. For me, James Watson at first was a bit weird guy because of the way he stared and looked at people around him. He is a mysterious guy and a bit naughty to the ladies he has seen. As one of the character said, he is the “boy-wonderer”. He is also a very eager to know the research and very observant.
Francis Crick: He does the same research with Watson, they are both teammates. He is also eager to know what is in DNA and the relationship of it with the double-helix.
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In your opinion, were the Nobel Prize awarded fairly? Why? Why not? In my opinion, yes the Nobel Prize were awarded fairly, because these tree gentlemen, Francis Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins, made their efforts and have responsibilities when they were doing the research. They took time and religiously finished the study with the answers given. In the case of Rosalind Franklin, she was not considered for that prize because the rules require that recipients be living at the time of the award, and Franklin had died five years after the discovery of the structure of DNA because of cancer.

Which person do you think played the most important role in the discovery of DNA structure? Explain your answer. In my opinion, all of the important characters made their efforts for the discovery of the structure of the DNA, but Watson and Crick made lots of studies in doing the research. They tried to consult the important people, interviewed persons and even contacted Franklin on their study.

Which person do you think played the least important role in the discovery of DNA structure? Explain your answer. In my opinion, Rosalind Franklin has the least important role in the discovery of DNA structure in overall basis. She somehow got the same results as Watson and Crick, but she refused to do it together with the gentlemen. It just goes to show that she doesn’t


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