Roman Republic

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Rome: Transition from Republic to Empire

Paul A. Bishop
Since its collapse, historians have attempted to explain the struggle for power and control over both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire that followed. To explain the complexities of the Roman Republic, the Empire, and their political complexities can be a daunting task. For nearly ten centuries Rome would rule most of the known world before the fall of the Western Empire (Byzantine) in 476 C.E. Before that fall occurred, a fundamental change would take place that would transform the original Republic into the Roman Empire. Many factors would be directly and indirectly responsible for this transition. These would lead
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The assembly would meet at the request and under the supervision of a Tribune (tribal leader), an elected magistrate who served for one year and was responsible for monitoring judicial decisions made by the assembly. The Plebeian Assembly would eventually become the favored legislature of the Roman Republic. By 287 B.C.E., its legislation would become binding over the entire Republic and would come to influence actions taken by the Senate. One oddity concerning the “people’s” assemblies was that they could not debate on motions and issues brought before them, but rather had to vote to accept or reject them.

The Senate
The Roman Senate was the main governing body for both the Roman Republic as well as for the later Roman Empire. The Senatus, or Council of Elders was one of the three branches of government as set out by the constitution of the Roman Republic. The Roman Senate had the greatest influence and power over Roman politics. It was the official body of the government that was responsible for sending and receiving ambassadors and appointing provincial governors, among other things. The Senate also conducted war, appropriated public funds, and issued currency. It did not, however have legislative or


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