Robert Frost Mending Wall

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It is no secret how Robert Frost feels about walls after reading his poem “Mending Wall”. To say that Frost admired and favored walls would be a lie. On the contrary, based on his poem it is apparent that he would prefer there be no walls present. I was led to ask myself, what type of wall is Frost referring to? It is not merely a physical wall made of stone, but a barrier that people place among each other to create an illusion of separation and protection. The style of the poem makes it simple to read, however when you take a closer look into the poem, you discover a whole new meaning. Frost uses a variety of techniques throughout his poem such as metaphor, symbolism and imagery to help us understand his feelings and how those feelings …show more content…

The first word “Something” is a symbol for a higher being, giving the sense that neither Frost nor his neighbor have much control over the tearing down of the wall. Nature intends for no wall to exist while human nature insists on maintaining it. The hunters symbolize nature and its natural way of breaking the wall down. The pine tree and the apple tree represent the old and the new. The pine trees are strong and continuously maturing representing tradition whereas the apple tree bears fruit only once a year, representing modern ideas. The wall is the most symbolic in the poem representing the separation that humans tend to desire and the battle with nature to maintain that all. To be able to interpret this poem requires imagination. Frost relies on the imagination of the reader to be able to interpret his poem; after all, it was with imagination that Frost first created this poem. I begin first by analyzing the imagination of Frost. He introduced us to a set of neighbors with a wall between them. Rather than simply stating that it is human nature to feel the need to maintain the boundaries that have been instilled in us despite the efforts that nature makes to tear them down, he creatively created a scenario that allows the reader to come upon this self discovery. The existence of a wall between two neighbors is a common thing for many. The need to mend the wall can be just as common to people. As the reader


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