Research Paper on Dont Ask Dont Tell

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Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

The Don’t Ask Don’t tell act which prevented openly gay and lesbians from serving in the United States Armed forces was placed into law on December 21st, 1993. It states that the military cannot discriminate against any gay, lesbian or bisexual person as long as they are discreet about their sexuality. They believed that any persons showing or acting in homosexual behavior would go against strict military moral codes and policy. However on September 20th, 2011 the Don’t ask Don’t Tell was repealed because the government felt it was discriminatory against homosexuals. I agree that openly gay and lesbians should able to serve in the military because nobody should have to hide who they are in order to serve and
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Most heterosexual people look down upon homosexuals because they feel they are not normal. When that unity is broken it becomes harder for soldiers to focus on their main goal, which is winning the war. Instead they are to focus more on avoiding and/or ridiculing associating with their gay or lesbian counterparts. Allowing gays to serve openly in war creates individuality. When fighting in the army it should not matter who you are because everyone is there to fight as soldiers. A lot of people feel there is no need to be open about your sexuality because of this. Others feel that while in battle there are many uncomfortable situations were many straight soldiers will feel uncomfortable with gay soldiers. After all they will be living in extremely close quarters. Whatever the case may be these are just minor rules that one should not even consider when in battle. They don’t ask don’t tell policy does not benefit anyone and creates an unconstitutional violation against gay rights. According to Judge Virginia Phillips the policy violates first and Fifth Amendment rights of gays of lesbians. Gay and Lesbian service members who serve are always being harassed and fear for their safety even in their homes off base.

If we continue to violate gays of their rights they will rebel and that will not be good for our country. Instead of worrying about war outside of the country we will be faced with controversy within our nation as well.