Raphael Sanzio Inspired

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It was once said by Josef Albers that, "Any color subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences." An artist works upon people, places, and things that incite them to express themselves. It is these things that lay the foundation for a masterpiece that goes on to influence future artists. This is how the artist Raphael Sanzio came about being one of the best of his time. Raphael took methods and ideas from his surrounding colleagues and then he would combine them with his own personality to create some of the best works from his era. Raphael Sanzio's work of the Italian High Renaissance era is the result of influences and incorporation of techniques of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pietro Perugino, and Leonardo …show more content…

This triangular foundation added an order to the story of Raphael's artwork. In addition, Da Vinci was very well known for the gentle and gracefulness of his art which is shown in Raphael's Madonna and Child (The Small Cowper Madonna) see figure 5.. In this piece Raphael takes after Da Vinci and makes everything very soft and simple. He uses gentle modeling and chiaroscuro which is the interplay of light and dark colors. ("Madonnas by Raphael.") It is simple to tell just by looking at the artwork of the two artists that they share very strong similarities. Raphael's short lived life did not hinder him from becoming an extremely amiable artist with an insurmountable amount of success. It was by adopting and incorporating methods from fellow highly ranked colleagues that Raphael has turned himself into one of the best artists of his time. He will always be remembered for his gentle yet simple work full of life and coming from much inspiration. But, without the strong influences of Michelangelo Buonarotti, Pietro Perugino, and Leonardo Da Vinci what kind of painter would Raphael Sanzio