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Midterm Essay ExaminationMidterm Essay Examination1.Describe the basic functioning of a neuron beginning with receiving signals from other neurons or sense organs and ending with the transmission of a signal to another neuron. Explain how a pattern of neuron firing is related to behavior.
Neurons are information- processing units in the central nervous system that receive and transmit information. It is made up of an axon, dendrites and a cell body. The nucleus and cytoplasm are contained in the cell body. The axon starts from the cell body, dividing into smaller branches and then ends at the nerve terminals. The dendrites also branch from the cell body, receiving information from the other neurons. Axons from other neurons forms
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Validation of a measure is never completed as when new information comes up it affects the test. In order to standardize the test, I will ensure that it meets its objective. This will be achieved by giving the test several times with the goal of acquiring the same results every time. Reliability is more attainable because the test does not need to be perfect and it is not easily affected by variances.
5.Mr. and Mrs. McDonald believe in the importance of stern discipline; they impose strict rules, which they expect their children to obey without question. They penalize misbehavior harshly, frequently with a spanking. Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza instead use milder forms of punishment to enforce their rules. They also have regular family meetings in which their children help them to establish household rules and penalties for breaking them. What is the name of each of these two approaches to parenting and what do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Explain the reasons for your answer. The approach to parenting that Mr. and Mrs. McDonald use is authoritarian parenting, while Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza uses authoritative parenting. In authoritarian parenting, parents give strict rules, which they expect their children to follow, where failure to do so, would lead to punishment. They have high demands and fail to provide the reasons for the rules. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald parenting approach have these characteristics.