Epic Qualities of the Incredibles

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Epic Qualities in The Incredibles

Epic qualities of a film are easy to identify but identifying and explaining the qualities of an epic hero are harder. What is an epic qualities of a hero? An epic hero is the central figure in a long narrative that reflects the values and heroic ideals of a particular society. In this film Mr. Incredible gets the chance to turn back into a superhero but no one wants superheros anymore.
Mr. Incredible is the hero in this film. Mr. Incredible has many characteristics in this film. One quality is his strength. His main power in this film is his strength, Mr. incredible talks about how he is going to crush the assistant. (The Incredibles.) Now this is just one of his characteristics. Another
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(The Incredibles.)One setting is the Incredible's home. (The Incredibles.)In their home there’s a living room, dinning room, kitchen, and Mr. Incredible's private room. (The Incredibles.)Another setting is the volcano layer. (The Incredibles.)In this scenery there’s an island with a waterfall, lots of trees, and Buddy's company layer. (The Incredibles.) The island was covered in birds that were actually cameras. (The Incredibles.)Edna’s house and the school's principals office are some other scenes with little detail. (The Incredibles.)Last but not least is the City. (The Incredibles.)The city is where Mr. Incredible fights a machine that Buddy is controlling to take over the city. (The Incredibles.)There’s cars, buildings, and a lake. In this scene Dash runs so fast that he runs across water. (The Incredibles.)The city setting affects Mr. Incredible because Mr. Incredible was to be a superhero again but the people don’t want that and he cant use his super strength at all. (The Incredibles.)The volcano layer affects the family only, and that’s because Mr. Incredible is never home. (The Incredibles.)The Incredible's home has a positive effect because the whole family is home. (The Incredibles.)Edna's house affects Mr. Incredible, he is not really on a business trip like he told his wife. (The Incredibles.)Mrs. Incredible calls his old job finds out that he got fired and is out fight crime again. (The Incredibles.)The schools principals office effects everyone


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