Documentary – Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy, Bbc

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RESEACH QUESTIONS – based on Steve jobs and Apple

MARKETING THE BRAND 1. How has apple marketed itself to the world? How has it continued with its vision over the 25 years that it has been in business?
At the conference, Jobs introduced the new generation of computer with Macintosh. The computer had interactive graphic and mouse. Moreover, it promoted the brand of Apple as the pioneer of computer technology. In other words, Apple changed the trend of technology with globalization and customer.

2. What is the company philosophy and vision?
The vision and philosophy of company is dominating the global market through innovating software, hardware and services. Moreover,
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12. How did Steve Jobs get back into Apple as a company after he was fired?
Apple acquiring Next computer brand event is a reason that Steve who is founder of Apple, was get back Apple

13. What was Steve Jobs hand in developing the World Wide Web?

14. How did Apple expand to create a full rounded interactive experience that ensured that Apple followers would have to have all the products?
Apple exploited trend of market, and make it as fashionable trend. All people want to own Apple products to gain new experience as well as new technology

15. Comment on Steve jobs quote from around the time of set up of iTunes “if ii can fulfill all your needs, then I can get all your money”. How has this quote been central to apples success?
Apple creates its products including hard ware, soft ware and iTunes service to offer the market. In other words, Apple want to monopoly the market that mean when the customers use Apple product, they have to use service of Apple such as iTunes to offer extra expectation such as loading music, movies, download application or software. As a result, the customers have to involve with Apple instead of other brands.

16. How did the ‘I’ become synonymous with Apple and its products? How has this been included in the marketing and branding of the brand?

17. Did Apple and Steve Jobs invent the computer and the mouse?
Yes, they did

18. How did the mouse come about and what did Steve Jobs do with the