Professional Portfolio

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LAS-432-62512 Truitt | Professional Portfolio | Network and Telecommunication Technician | | Jennifer Weiland | 8/24/2012 |


Table of Contents Statement of Authenticity 3 Mission Statement 4 30-second Commercial 5 Degree Plan 6 DeVry Course Descriptions 7 Class History 8 Resume 10 Letters of Reference 12 References 14 Work Examples 15

Statement of Authenticity

I, Jennifer Weiland, hereby certify that I have compiled and written the attached portfolio documenting my experience without assistance from anyone except those individuals who provided letters of reference and the course descriptions taken from the DeVry University Academic Catalog (2012–2013 Volume XXX, U.S. Edition, Undergraduate
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Issues of control and ethical considerations in the use of technology are primary. Discussion and oral and written reports draw together students’ prior learning in specialty and general education courses.

MATH221 Statistics for Decision-Making
This course provides tools used for statistical analysis and decision- making in business. The course includes both descriptive statistics and inferential concepts used to draw conclusions about a population. Research techniques such as sampling and experiment design are included for both single and multiple sample groups.

Class History

Jennifer M. Weiland
955 San Simeon Dr. Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 Phone: (303) 906-9426 CertificationsCISSP- 348439, 2009CCNA and CCNA –SecurityCSCO11879763, 2012EducationExcelsior College, Albany, NYAAS in Technical Studies, 2004DeVry University, Colorado Springs, COBS in Technical Management, January 2013 | | NETWORK AND Telecommunication SpecialistNetwork and Telecommunication specialist whose qualifications include: fifteen years total communications experience -- eight years of experience installing, configuring and integrating Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems on US Navy vessels and seven years of experience in a Network Operations Center environment correcting network faults; a degree in technical studies; multiple


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