Physioex Review Sheet Exercise 11

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Blood Analysis


Hematocrit Determination
1. Hematocrit values are usually ( *higher / lower ) in healthy males, compared to healthy females.
Give one possible explanation for this.

2. Living at high elevations will cause a person’s hematocrit to ( *increase / decrease ).
Explain your answer.

3. Long-term athletic training will cause a person’s hematocrit to ( *increase / decrease ).
4. What is anemia?
Condition where inadequate oxygen is delivered to the body’s cells.
5. Anemia will cause a person’s hematocrit to ( increase / *decrease ).
6. Pernicious anemia is due to a lack of vitamin -- B12
7. How does deficiency of intrinsic factor lead to pernicious anemia?
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27. If you have type O blood, which antigens are present on your red blood cells?
No A or B antigens
Which antibodies are present in your plasma? Anti-A & Anti-B
28. Blood type O is considered to be the universal donor type. However, if type O blood is transfused into a person with blood type B, which of the following is important to remember?
a. Use the entire pint of type O blood for the transfusion
b. Separate the type O blood into packed cells and plasma, and use only the packed cells for the transfusion
c. Separate the type O blood into packed cells and plasma, and use only the plasma for the transfusion
Total Blood Cholesterol Determination
29. Cholesterol is an essential factor in homeostasis. Name four uses that the human body has for cholesterol.
a. build the structure of cell membranes
b. make hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and adrenaline
c. aid in metabolism working efficiently & essential for vitamin D production
d. produce bile acids
30. Most of the cholesterol that your body needs is made by what organ? Liver.
31. High blood cholesterol levels are above _____ mg/100 ml of blood.
32. What is atherosclerosis? Condition where arteries become hardened & narrow due to excessive amount of fatty & plaque deposits
33. What is the connection between high blood cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis? High blood cholesterol levels are associated with clogged arteries or


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