Genie the Wild Child

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Genie, the second case of wild child was found in a room tied to a potty chair. Genie was kept in a room locked away because her father thought she was retarded at birth until the age of 13, when she was rescued by a social worker. She was locked away from normal civilization and any type of socialization, and she was beaten for making noises. Genie was an infant trapped in a 13 year old body, because she could only make infant like sounds and no words or sentences. Genie's brain waves were adnormal, but doctors believed that she could learn. They began teaching and trying to develop her brain through forming relationships. Genie begin to speak and say words; but they were difficult to understand. Genie progress gave doctors hope that she …show more content…

Then all of the doctors and the hospital was being sued for exessively testing and researching, and putting testing before her well-being. It was said that these tests was not good for Genie and too repetitive for learn productively. These tests was also not approved testing, and was not helping Genie. Genie lived the rest of her life in adult foster care and she never had the ability to speak or talk at her normal age compacity. Since Genie was locked away from any type of social skills, she never heard people talking or conversing. She was denied the ability to mimmic the adults around her, which is needed to develop speech. Genie needed to hear other people talking and conversating with each other to develop that language skill. After being found, Genie had missed critical development time, and would take hard work to try and make up that time. Some of the doctors in Genie case seemed to be fuel by money and fame. The method of treatment was not successful and Genie's best interest was not at heart. It would take a long time for Genie to be able to communicate properly, but she would never be cognitively the same age as her birth age unless she could gain two or three cognitive years in one. In order to gain those years back Genie would have had to work harder and the skill level would have to be increased more. Genie learning was stifald because to test were not change in skill level, it seems as though she was taking the same test but in a different