Persuasive Essay on Bullying

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When someone thinks of school, they think about classes, friends, and books. They think about the minor struggles of drama and studying for next week’s big test. For them, school is just school. It’s something that has just become a part of life, not good or bad. For victims of bullying, school is a living nightmare. School is harassment, and pain, and a whole series of struggles too much for the normal person to comprehend. Schools have created this image of “normal” that many people strive to fit into. But when there is someone who cannot fit in, no matter how hard they try, due to things like epilepsy or obesity, they get deemed an outsider. People don’t seem to understand the struggles of being different, so instead of being nice to …show more content…

2 2012). Bullying is a chain reaction, and once is has been started, stopping it is very difficult. Telling on a bully will usually not help, but anger them and make it worse. Eventually, the victim will despise coming to school, and will do almost anything to get out of it. Sutton says “more than 160,000 kids nationwide will stay home from school everyday to avoid bullying…some fake illness to get out of school altogether, where they are taunted and attacked in the schoolyard” (Sutton p.4 2012). Bullying can be harmful towards ones school life because it may cause them to skip out of school and lack important learning abilities. It goes unnoticed for the most part because bullies are familiar with ways on manipulating people to do what they want. They can make people keep a secret if they want, which would help them in most cases. But some schools are doing their best to stand up to bullying. Education Minister Martin Dixon launched a $4 million anti-bullying campaign called “Bully Stoppers”. It provides advice and recourses to help schools, students, and parents tackle bullying.

Matt Dickenson says “Suicide is the third leading cause of youth, and for every suicide there is more than 100 attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it” (Matt Dickenson, p.2 2010).


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