Peaceful Evacuation

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Peaceful Evacuation
Omar Coley/ Renee Coley
BUS 518 – Project Management Leadership
Strayer University
Dr. Shah Jamali
Spring quarter of 2014

This paper seeks to discuss the leadership styles of two Lieutenant Colonels (Lt.Col.) in the Israeli during a mass evacuation from the Gaza strip. The circumstances of the evacuation are that the Israeli government decided that all settlements in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip would be abandoned, against the wishes of the settlers some of whom had been living there for over twenty years. In addition to the leadership styles topics of discussion will include three examples of leadership actions and behavior and the pros and cons of each example. A comparison and contrast
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The final leadership action was establishing a “team of leading psychologists who would help the commanding officers of the various units to combine the operational aspects of the disengagement project with its ‘softer’ aspects.” (Laufer) Through his efforts he understood that although this was a military operation it would be unlike anything that the soldiers and police had ever encountered and therefor had to be handled differently than an enemy engagement.
Compare and contrast
Although the Lt.Cols had different leadership styles there is at least one similarity, both styles emphasized teamwork. Lt.Col. Yaron was trying to foster teamwork by presenting his vision to his peers and Lt Col. Daniel was fostering teamwork by gathering his peers for a think tank. The previous examples can also be used to show a difference in their styles also. Lt.Col Yaron wanted to inform and empower his peers to make decisions own their own once they returned to the units whereas Lt. Col Daniel wanted to empower himself though not in a selfish way to


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