P3+M1 – Describe and Explain the Main Physical and Technological Resources Required in the Operation of a Selected Organisation

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Unit 2
P3+M1 – Describe and explain the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation
The business which I am going to choose is Tesco PLC.
Physical resources are resources that are available to business organisations in the form of buildings and other machineries needed for the day to day running of the organistaion

Building and facilities; * all businesses need premises which they operate from, this can range from someone’s front room, or tower blocks all over the world, buildings play an important role in the image of a business and can influence different types of customers, many financial institutions such as Lloyds TSB and HSBC have very famous buildings as their headquarters
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choosing the right policy for the business is often difficult
Technological resources
Technological resources are more than just equipment; they are things like software, music and text. These resources are owned like physical resources and have to be managed in the same way.
Intellectual property * Intellectual property rights allow people to own ideas and have rights concerning what happens to these ideas, including how often they are used, what they will be associated with and if anyone has the permission to copy it;
There are five types of intellectual property;

Designs – covers the features or decoration of products such as colours, lines, materials shape or texture

Drawings – covers the drawing of a product, including the drawing of a patent

Text – covers the actual style and content of text which is used, including data written on websites

Music – covers the use of music for public or private performances and its copying

Video – covers the use of video clips within the websites or whole films and the protection against copying or performances in public places