Obese Attitude

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Obesity has increased in North American society (especially in the states). The United States has even been called an overweight nation. About 20% to 30% of American adults are now considered obese. Even though some Americans are in the healthy category, others enter the underweight, overweight, and even obese categories. Not only is obesity unhealthy, but it is also considered unacceptable. People have been labeled and made fun of their entire lives do to obesity. For some this is an uncontrollable way of life. An example of this are shirts which say "No Fat Chicks", showing that overweight people are unacceptable and undesirable. People are made fun of, often never to regain full acceptance. Some people are to be blamed for their …show more content…
When People regain the weight they are again looked down upon which can hurt the person's self esteem, an example of this would be that Oprah Winfrey is considered a yo-yo dieter because she has gone down and back up the scale several times (Entertainment Tonight). Oprah is a popular talk show host who has been in the public eye for years. Weight has been an issue for her whole life. America has watched her lose weight only to gain it back over and over again. Many comments have been made on other television shows and in magazine articles. On the other hand, those who lose the weight and keep it off are accepted and considered strong. Skinny people believe that losing weight is easy and that overweight people are just lazy, and that after losing weight it should be easy to keep off. People who lose their weight and keep it off are considered role-models, many who have become motivational speakers and created weight loss programs. An example of this would be Richard Simmons. The poor treatment towards overweight people can have positive results and benefits (American health's web site). Since its known that obesity causes several health disorders and can also increase the chance of early deaths, it has made more people pay special attention and to be more interested in their health, also has made people feel they may only be accepted if they have a superior body. Skinny people feel united with others who are like them and don't want to lose that bond so


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