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1) Describe the lessons that Natura learned from its entry into Mexico and France.

Increasing technological advances and further pressure to gain market share forced Natura Cosmeticos S.A; the Brazilian manufacturer and marketer for beauty products, to rethink their competitive strategies. As early as 1982, Natura was interested in exporting its products into a new market in order to gain market share. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that internationalization occurred. The organization’s goal was to spread the values and the beliefs of the company through borders to reach a larger public. Natura is considered to be a notable example of a Brazilian company that chose a strategy to enter a market using a completely different strategy than
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Obviously, entering the American market is a difficult task, that’s why the company has to be sure of having the good corporate resources in order to handle some strains.
This first step consists in evaluating the products, the performances of the company and its operations. This step will enable Natura to get an indication of its potential success.

The second step is not to neglect because it concerns the market entry plan which goal is to provide a road map to introduce the market and distribute the product. Natura has several possibilities to enter the U.S. market: the direction can choose among setting up a wholly owned subsidiary, creating a joint-venture, exporting its products, franchising its brand or the use of licensing.

Once you’ve selected an attractive strategy, Natura will want to determine the appropriate level of organic investment or expanding through a series of acquisitions.
The key steps here are to develop the business plan, case for investments, and implementation work plan, including owners, timelines, tasks and key milestone to enter. Natura is entering an entirely new market, with limited core assets to leverage, and the company should take into account a joint venture or partnership in the U.S.

This list of key steps in creating your market entry is high level and would help Natura to make the best decision for its business. Nevertheless, Natura have to


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