Ella Enchanted Book vs. the Movie

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Ella Enchanted book vs. the movie Many books that were published years ago have recently been made into movies. One of the well-known books that have been made into a film is Ella Enchanted (1997) by Gail Carson Levine. This book won several awards, including the Newbery Honor book in 1998. Ella enchanted, the Disney movie version was released in 2004. Anne Hathaway played the role of Ella and it was directed by Tommy O’Haver. The story talks about a girl named Ella who is cursed at birth by a fairy named Lucinda. Lucinda cursed Ella with total obedience. Throughout the movie, Ella was looking for Lucinda to undo the curse so she could live her life like all other girl and win the love of her life, Prince Charmont.
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Both works address feminism through the main character, Ella and her stepsisters. Although both works discusses the same plot, Ella shows in the book more as a responsible, strong character in which she tries very hard to overcome the curse she has and tries not be “so obedient”. Whereas in the movie, Ella is more like the foolish girl who has no control and she would do whatever she is told to do without trying to stand up for herself and try not doing it. Comparing the book and the film of Ella Enchanted, it is noticeable that the book and the movie didn’t give women importance and feminism is downplayed. The stepmother and stepsisters in both works were presented as clumsy and mean women who used to bully Ella. Also, as for Lucinda the witch, who made a foolish decision by cursing Ella with full obedience, thinking that she actually gave her a gift and she did not think of the consequences that this curse would take Ella.
Ella Enchanted makes the whole story about female empowerment. The book focuses of how Ella is controlled by her curse and not defined by it. She tries to think her way out every situation when someone asks her to do something; this demonstrates Ella’s independence that grew with her as she grew without her mother. The interesting point in the movie is that when Ella meets Prince Charmont, he didn’t love her because of her obedience but by her independence and humor and Ella didn’t love Prince Charmont like other girls did because of his


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