Hunters in the Snow - Character Analysis

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Tobias Wolff is a writer known for his memoirs and realistic short stories. “Hunters in the Snow” is a story about three friends, Tub, Frank, and Kenny, who go hunting in the snow. Wolff writes about humanity through the friendship of the three friends and the events they go through. In the beginning of the story is Tub, he is standing on the sidewalk. A truck comes around the corner, in the truck is Kenny, the driver, and Frank. The trio heads towards the woods where Kenny wanted to hunt. Crossing through the fences, Tub has trouble going through but Frank and Kenny offer him no help at all. On the way back, they notice obvious deer trails that lead into a no hunting zone. After getting permission from the owner, they followed the …show more content…

At the beginning, he almost runs over Tub and insults him constantly. Also, Kenny hints at Frank’s secret and taunts him about it. His role in the story is not the antagonist but a catalyst. Kenny’s rudeness tests Tub’s patience and pushes Frank to reveal his secret. Although Kenny does not keep secrets very well, he keeps secrets of his own. He did not tell his friends that he was told to kill the dog. It was a joke to him, but when he pointed his gun to Tub, Tub shot him in defense. After being wounded, Kenny is taken in the truck bed and covered in blankets. In pain, Kenny is obedient, doing whatever Frank says. The blankets keep on bunching towards the tailgate so Frank and Tub take the blankets for their own use. Kenny is left in cold, believing that they are headed towards the hospital. However, they had taken a wrong turn way back. At this point, the readers will turn their sympathy to Kenny. The arrogant man was rude to his friends; however, after he was shot he became helpless and had no choice but to obey them (86-99). Humanity was shown through the friendship of three men named Tub, Frank, and Kenny. Each man had a different personality yet all held their own troubles. The trip showed a change in behavior in each man. The story “Hunters in the Snow” is a fantastic and interesting story, filled with surprising twist and turns with each page.

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