Marketing Corona in Japan

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Case Analysis Questions MKT 523
Marketing Corona in Japan
Marian Stefan
Tiffin University

Case Analysis Questions MKT 523
Marketing Corona in Japan

1. How aligned are Modelo’s, EBI’s and NS’s short and long-term interests ?

In recent times, the market changes affected the short and long-term interest of Modelo, Export Brands International and Nippon Spirits. It was clear that the big picture was extremely difficult to see from the same united perspective as in the past, thus making the Japanese Corona business quite uncertain.

Corona had a success of almost one decade in the Japanese market also due to the clear and structured partnership between Modelo, Export Brands International and
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I can think at the fact that Anheuser-Busch has now 50% of Modelo, and after buying everything they will be forced in some markets to sell out most probably first Corona division in order not to have a dominant position (like happened recently in United States).

3. How can EBI consolidate its Corona business ?

Export Brands International can consolidate Corona business in Japan by having a new approach towards the other two partners : Modelo and Nippon Spirits. The partnership that was on place from almost ten years ago, must be up-graded as the situation is not still the same. Export Brands International must build over the foundation that represented the Corona’s success in Japan that was partly attributable to the clear and structures partnership between the three companies. Practically Modelo produced the beer, Export Brands International coordinated delivery and developed the Japanese marketing strategy, and Nippon Spirits distributed and implemented marketing tactics.

After open discussion between all three parties, Export Brands International must understand everybody objectives, trying to think how to fulfil the desire of each one and connect it to the major purpose.
Knowing that Modelo new interest is in the Asia-Pacific region, maybe Export Brands International can represents their interests and consolidate their


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