Margin Call

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Margin call is an american movie, realizd by JC Chandor in 2011

The story

This movie explains how crisis in 2008 happened in a financial institution in New York. The company exists since 137 years with John Tuld as the Chief Executive Officer. The leader of trading operation is Sam Rogers. He is in the company since 34 years.
First of all, there is the layoff of Eric Dale, the financial analyst. We can see a comparison with Lehman Brothers when bankers leave the company with a case under arms and the telephone line were cut instantaneously. While Dale is being escorted out, he gives Peter a USB memory stick with a project he had been working on, telling him to "be careful" just as he boards the elevator.
During the night,
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This crises is managed by the night, but I was not chocked because, this is like that in the real life with extreme stiuations. I think that it is not overestimated.

A section of the movie which seems exaggerate to me is when traders sell al toxic assets and nobody realizes, there is a problem with the extreme low prices. And according to me, it is strange that just one person can find the true figures analysis to realize the company is in a difficult situation. From my point of view, many pepole have to know this analysis to foresee a crisis.

According to me, The character the most touching is Sam Rogers. That is the only man who is human from the beginnig to the end in this world where money is more important than human. Eric Dale and Peter Sullivan play a key role in the story, it is thanks to them that the company knows about the future crisis. The Chief Executive Office is haughty, I think. He has not got pity for nobody, like Jared Cohen, who does not hesitate to approve of the layoff of Sarah Robertson, but they still said that they will always be together. Will Emerson is very involve in the story and he acts according to him to save himself. According to me, Seth Bregman is secondary, he attends to the conduct of major decisions, but he will be dismiss after events even if he wanted do this job. He arrived at the bad time. Moreover, characters come progressively according to the hierarchy, but we never saw characters together from the beginning.



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