Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes

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Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes

Locating and Integrating State Laws and Ethical Codes
I was able to locate the current ethical standards with the American Counseling Association on my desk. An individual can locate a copy of these standards at this website: http://www.counseling.org/resources/codeofethics/TP/home/ct2.aspx. This version was published in 2005 and the next revision is up to the Ethics Revision Task Force. In addition I also have a copy of the American Mental Health Counselors Association Code of ethics. The website is: http://www.amhca.org/. Once at the website, you can look under about AMHCA for a link to the code of ethics or use the following URL:
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Occasionally, protecting clients' interests may require termination of the professional relationship with proper referral of the client.
A couple who is working with you in couples counseling asks if you will evaluate their 10 year old child for depression and ADHD. Standard: Ethical The American Counseling Association states: A.5.e. Role Changes in the Professional Relationship. When a counselor changes a role from the original or most recent contracted relationship, he or she obtains informed consent from the client and explains the right of the client to refuse services related to the change. Examples of role changes include 1. Changing from individual to relationship or family counseling, or vice versa; 2. Changing from a nonforensic evaluative role to a therapeutic role, or vice versa; 3. Changing from a counselor to a researcher role (i.e., enlisting clients as research participants), or vice versa; and 4. Changing from a counselor to a mediator role, or vice versa. Clients must be fully informed of any anticipated consequences (e.g., financial, legal, personal, or therapeutic) of counselor role changes (ACA, 2005).
The teacher of a 9-year-old child you're seeing in family therapy requests feedback about how the child is progressing. Standard: Both. In this situation, as professional cannot disclose any information about a client without a release of


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