Lab 1-Measurement, Length, Mass, Volume, Density & Time

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Lab Report
Experiment # 1
Measurement, Length, Mass, Volume,
Density & Time

David Case:
January 17, 2015

Experiment #1
Measurement, Length, Mass, Volume, Density, & Time

To make basic distance, mass, density, and time measurements.
To make calculations of volume and density, using proper units, and to practice using graphing software while graphing the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. Materials: stopwatch meter tape 3 rectangular objects metric ruler pencils metal bolt 500‐G scale graduated cylinder five circular objects

Lab Notes: 1. Estimation of Various
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Measuring the length, width, and height of the bolt. I then calculated the volume by multiplying each measurement.
2.9 (l) x .5 (w) x .5 (h) = .725
Now I calculated the density of the bolt using the equation p=M/V, using each possible combination of mass and volume measurements. Shown in the table below.


Mass using scale
Mass of displaced Water
Volume using ruler
Volume using Displacement
Density 1 (Ms/Vr)

Density 2 (Ms/V d)

Density 3 (Md/Vr)

Density 4 (Md/Vd)


Question: Which of the density determinations is likely to be most accurate? Why?
I think the best way to find density is mass by weight/volume by displacement. Since the actual measurement of mass is used to calculate volume.

5. Time measurements:
To begin the time measurement test, I measured up the wall 2 m from the floor and market with a piece of tape. I was able to drop the book from standing on the floor. I then had my partner start the timer when I dropped the book and stop the timer when it hit the ground. We ran this three times. In the second trial I recorded the time with my eyes closed. I started the timer when I let the book drop and stopped the timer when I heard the book hit the ground.

Table1 Drop Time (seconds) Watching
.65 Average .70 seconds

Table2 Drop Time (seconds) eyes closed
Average .68 seconds Question: Do you think


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