Kiser Processing Model

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H.S. Internship
Kiser Integrative processing model

I am going to use the integrative processing model developed by Kiser to better learn to better learn from my internship experience. The best way I can think of to do this so I am able to get the most out of this exercise will be done as follows. For each step Kiser suggest I will first explain the step using Kiser's word then my own, I will then follow the step and I will then explain why each step is useful. Once I am finished with the whole process I will then summarize how the model has helped me think about my internship.

Step I Gathering Objective Data From Concrete Experiences. Kiser describes the process of step one by writing, "In you fieldwork, experience forms the
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I felt disappointed that the organization would assign me to such a minor task. Lastly I felt upset by my lack of knowledge, for example people would ask me things about the cost of serving that were not on the sheet and I had no knowledge of how to put them on hold in order to get the information and I was not taught how to remove names from the list so next year some one will waste there time calling wrong numbers just like I needed to do. When I think about how well I did at the job, I feel that I did my job as well as it could have been done as a person with my knowledge of the event. This step is very useful because it helps me to see how I feet, and when combined with the first step it allows me to get a better understanding for what I enjoy doing and gain knowledge from and what I do not like doing or do not feel rewarded by. This step combined with the first helps me better understand why I disliked what I was doing. And it helps me understand what I could have done to my job better or what could have been done to help me get more out of the experience.

Step III Identifying Relevant Theory and Knowledge Kiser writes that for step III "you should identify theoretical, conceptual, and/or factual information that can shed light on your fieldwork experience." For this experience I focus I choose to focus on knowledge which I had gained in school compared to theories. The