Jake and Caroline Video Script Teen Dating Violence

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Jake: So anyway things besides all this John stuff are going pretty awesome…and we usually hang out together every Friday night when I get out of work…So this past Friday I got out of work early and figured we’d spend the rest of the night together…. Maybe grab a bite to eat or catch a movie…So I called her at 5 o’clock—no Caroline. 6, 7, 8—still no Caroline. 9, 10—10 freakin’ thirty roles around and I’m like “Caroline where the hell have you been?!”.

Caroline: I went out with my sister…. I don’t need to get permission from you.

Jake: Caroline, I didn’t say you needed to get permission, but I was worried sick about you…. I mean how am I supposed to know if you’re laying dead in a
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[Jake pulls out flowers.]

Caroline: How do I know it won’t happen again?

Jake: Did you think we’d be together the rest of our lives without making any mistakes? I was wrong, Caroline. I know that and I promise you it will never happen again.

Caroline: Alright, Jake, I’ll give you one more chance, but you need to hear one thing, and that is that I have a lot of guy friends and just because I’m dating you doesn’t mean that I am going to stop talking to them. You need to trust me.

Jake: I do trust you, I just lost it and I’m sorry and I promise it will never happen again. You can talk to John. You can hang out with the whole football team if you want. You can talk to whoever you want to.

[Jake gives Caroline the heart back.]

Caroline: O.K..

[Jake puts the leash back on Caroline.]

Jake: So that was a little crazy, but that is what I love about our relationship – the fact that we can talk about our problems and come to an understanding. No other relationship I’ve been in could have taken that. So for a while after that, things are awesome for me until Caroline gets this crazy idea in her head that she’s going to get herself a job.

Caroline: Jake, I got the job
Jake: You got the job?

Caroline: Yep, I start next week.

Jake: This guy she thinks she’s working for is a total sleaze bag - he tries to nail every waitress on the staff.

Caroline: That’s not true, and besides I have friends that work there, we’ll look out for each other and