Is Mini Skirt Still in Fashion

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Name : Anuradha Walpitagama
Batch No : 45
ID No : 280-AD-Jan 2011

Name : Anuradha Walpitagama
Batch No : 45
ID No : 280-AD-Jan 2011

Is Mini Skirt still in fashion?
Is Mini Skirt still in fashion?

Fashion in 1950 – 70 era
Is Mini Skirt still in fashion? Today we are in the 21st century in an era where the fashion is at its peak. The fashion industry has developed so fast during the last decade. This is mainly due to the development of technology. The Mini Skirt emerged during the late 1950 & was very popular between 1950 to 1970
20th century can be named as the era where there was a significant development of the fashion industry. During this century the world experienced two world wars and this itself brought immense
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Mary Quant cited this development in defense of the miniskirt
In some European countries the mini-skirts were banned in the streets as it was said to be an invitation to rape. The Asian countries were also not very keen in popularising the mini skirt due to their culture. Hemlines were just above the knee in 1961, and gradually climbed upward over the next few years. By 1966, some designs had the hem at the upper thigh. Stockings with suspenders were not considered practical with miniskirts and were replaced with coloured tights.
During the mid-1970s, the fashion industry largely returned to longer skirts such as the midi and the maxi. Journalist Christopher Booker gave two reasons for this reaction: firstly, that "there was almost nowhere else to go ... the mini-skirts could go no higher"; and secondly, in his view, "dressed up in mini-skirts and shiny PVC macs, given such impersonal names as 'dolly birds', girls had been transformed into throwaway plastic objects". Certainly this lengthening of hemlines coincided with the growth of the feminist movement. However, in the 1960s the mini had been regarded as a symbol of liberation, and it was worn by some, such as Germaine Greer and, in the following decade, Gloria Steinem, who became known for their promotion of women's issues
Indeed, miniskirts never entirely went away and, for example, were often worn by Deborah Harry, of the group


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