International Leagal and Ethical Issues in Business

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Running head: International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

Unit 1 Individual Project
Delinda Mosley- Thurmond
American InterContinental University Online

An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead to serious injuries. To complicate matters, you are uncertain about your organization’s ethical guidelines because none have been communicated (AIU, 2011).
How would you present this issue to the CEO, directors, and managers? What specific
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Keep in mind that employees should not only be expected to act in an ethical manner but should understand the ethical stance that the company takes in relating it to staff. Everyone sees ethics in their own accordance and not always agree in which the manner of the company in their choices ethics (Anthony, 2011). I believe that when you have employees partake in setting policies and procedures that they tend to follow them better because they have a say in how it is put together. By giving your employees a vote and listing to their ideas for setting these policies you make them more understanding as to what is expected of them and their responsibility to the customers. And if the CEO, directors, and managers all have a responsibility to the supervisors and employees in making a work environment a more ethical then everyone has a position and understanding on how important it becomes. Keeping in mind the fact that without these standards in place you stand the chance of the company losing money because productivity would be much lower and customers won’t buy, therefore losing money resulting in employees not having a job (Shanker, 2011).
What can be done to ensure that a strong sense of business ethics permeates your company? I see this as being a social responsibility of the leaders. You do this by implementing different training sessions for the employees (Anthony, 2011). If


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