In the Country of Men Essay

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The novel suggests that the bonds of family are the strongest. Discuss
Hisham Matar’s narrative solely revolves around the perspective of a nine year-old boy Sulieman El Dewani, experiencing first hand an important time of Libya’s history. This crucial time in history was in Gidafi’s oppressive regime in 1979. In the text, In the Country of Men, family bonds within the Libyan society are somewhat the strongest though other relationships between the oppressed citizens of Libya and their totalitarian country and the relationship friends have with each other do prevail to be just as solid. The family bonds within this patriarchy society heavily display a sense of intimate love and compassion for one another. This relationship is deeply
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The interrogator reads out a list of names and asks Ustath to say If they were present at the anti revolution meeting. When Faraj’s name is called out, he says ‘no’. Sulieman then states in the novel ‘Ustath Rashid has gifted Baba with his ‘undying loyalty’. This proves that the loyalty they share with each other enhances their bond of friendship, thus reflecting it to the reader as of high importance. Not only is this bond of friendship conveyed to be of such importance and significance, it is amongst other strong bonds the novel displays thus not making family bonds the strongest.
The unedifying relationship the citizens of the totalitarian society that is Libya have towards their country is strongly focused on throughout the novel thus making it of high significance. This oppressive relationship the citizens have towards their country solely depends on the regime of Gidafi. As this is such a powerful force overtaking Libya, the citizens have no choice but to follow every strict order. This regime has persuaded the citizens of Libya into thinking they have no power against authority thus strongly supporting them, as they have no choice. This overwhelming support from the citizen’s that creates such a firm and aggressive bond is supported by such symbols as colours. Green is a significant colour as it the colour that supports the regime. The bond between the country and


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