After Hope And Change

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Social Science

After Hope and Change Chapter 1 Questions
Show three facts that illustrate why 2012 was “a fairly narrow victory” for Obama. 1. President Obama had won reelection by a close margin of only 3.85 percent. He earned a rank of 24 out of 30 past elections since the year 1896. 2. President Obama became the only incumbent in history to win reelection while losing vote share. Obama lost vote share in nearly every state during the election. 3. Despite winning reelection, President Obama had joined a group of three other previous incumbents (Eisenhower, Wilson, and Clinton) who had all entered office originally with a united government in their very first term and then won
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Minorities refused to vote for Mitt Romney simply because their identity with him was almost nonexistent if he would become the next president. This very fact coupled those not in support of Obama, this led to people not voting at all, which severely hurt the republican party’s chances of winning the race. Minorities can always change their mind on who they will vote for or even if they should vote at all depending on the status of the economy at that time. That very fact may lead to the republicans doing better with appeal to the minorities in the 2016 elections, and they could sway them, especially if no democrat could like President Obama.


The final point discusses the reasoning of both democrats and republicans. Democrats have always been focused on social justice, and the use of more federal government plans, and redistributionist policies. Democratic policies will be in full support of those whose jobs are given to by the government and those who receive benefits from the government (welfare, healthcare, etc). Meanwhile, the republicans are focused on lowering taxes from the government, dividual liberty in the economic arena, and achieving a small federal government. The Democrats will have those who choose to receive benefits from the government policies gravitate to their side, while republicans will always focus on bringing rich businessmen who support themselves to their


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