Huck Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By Mark Twain

By Brenda Tarin

British Literature 2323
Lois Flanagan
January 27, 2009

Tarin ii I. Introduction

II. Biographical sketch of author

A. Past to present

B. Experiences and achievements

III Plot analysis

A. analysis of plot structure 1. Exposition 2. Complication 3. Crisis 4. Climax 5. Resolution

B. Theme of plot

IV Critical analysis

A. Theme 1. Racism 2. Slavery

C. Characters

D. Atmosphere

E. Conflicts

V. Evaluation

VI. Review of movie version

VII. Conclusion

Tarin 1

The Adventures of Huckleberry
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She then finds out he is really a boy, and tells him that he thinks “Huck Finn” and “The slave guy” are hiding on Jackson Island. Huck and Jim go down the river on a steamboat to the free states. A few days later they run into robbers who had a wrecked steam boat, they runaway with the steamboat and all their money. Later on they run into a group of men looking for slaves, and huck lies that Jim is his father that is very sick. Huck and Jim get caught up in a feud between the Grangerfords and Shepherdson. A couple of days later they rescue an old and young man who claim to be kings. These men pretend to be related to a man that left a fortune of money, Huck then feels guilty and tells the sisters that they are frauds. The two men give Jim away and say he is a run away slave for forty dollars; this is when Huck goes to the farm to help free Jim. Huck runs into Tom and together they try and help Jim. Huck pretends to be Tom, and Tom pretends to be his older brother Sid, but Aunt Polly tells
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Aunt Sally who they really are. Tom gets shot in the leg and they carry him back and this is when Tom explains that Jim had been free all along. Also Jim tells Huck that his father was the dead man they had seen so he doesn’t have to worry. Huck then gets tired of writing this book, and goes to play outside with Tom. The action in the book takes place in St. Petersburg, Missouri, and at various


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