How to Train Search and Rescue Dog

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Training a Search and Rescue Dog
If you have had the opportunity to watch a search and rescue dog in action, you can’t help but to be impressed with the intelligence and drive they display. I have had the opportunity to watch search and rescue dogs in actions while I was deployed in Iraq, we worked hand and hand with the K-9 handlers on the Entry Control Points in Baghdad. The best experience I have had with working with Search and Rescue dogs would be in my own backyard, working with my wife Heather, she has trained Search and Rescue dogs for local Law enforcement Departments. The process of taking a puppy to a mature search and rescue dog, who can move with silent commands, in and out of area they are searching, only to disappear
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As soon as he comes to you, praises him and reward him with his toy or a treat. For learning purposes, everytime the dog runs to the “find” or person they have found, this is considered a real find. He has won this game and the praise he rewarded in the end should tell him locating the person is the greatest thing you have done! This process is repeated multiple times.
After the dog has mastered the standard “Runaway” then it’s time to start with the “Blind run-away”. This process will work on their tracking and air scenting. You use all the same steps that you do in the standard runaway. The difference is you should have a light breeze for the air scenting. A training area that has tall grass for hiding and the assistance will stand with their back to the training area. To complete this training you will begin with building the dogs drive, once you have achieved this, you will run about 50 feet out into the training area and hide down in the tall grass. Once you are hiding in the grass, the assistant will turn around with the dog so they are now facing the training area. Again the assistant will give the command “Find” and release the dog. The dog should run to where he last saw you. Once he passes your scent, he should turn in the direction, which you are in. This is where the light breeze can be helpful. Instinctively they will use their noise to find you. Once he finds


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