Goodwill Industries

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Ron Fernando
Marketing Principles
Assignment # 1
Goodwill Industries

1. Describe the three customer types mentioned in the video. What is each customer type looking for when they shop at Goodwill? What is most important to each customer type?
The video mentioned 3 specific clientele for Goodwill Industries. The fashion shoppers, the bargain hunters, and the resellers.
The Fashion Shoppers are most likely the frequent customers of Goodwill boutiques. Goodwill boutiques sells high end products with lower prices. These shoppers are what the Goodwill merchandisers are targeting when it comes to selling their trendier merchandise. These shoppers are the early adopters of trends and they put more value on style rather than the savings
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If they are to sell products that does not fit the target demographics neighborhood, then the rest of the factors becomes moot. After all, the consumers has to be in the store for any of the other factors to kick in, and being culturally appropriate would greatly help in bringing in consumers. From my own experience as well, I only go inside Goodwill stores if it seem like it would be a safe place for me to buy things. If the place appear too musty, or to unclean, I would not even be tempted to go inside even if they have the best deals in the area.
4. What environmental trend(s) does the video discuss that significantly impacts Goodwill’s performance? What two “metrics” are affected and why does this affect how Goodwill markets its retail goods?
The video talks in detail about the challenge of depending on customer situations and economic changes. The success of their whole operation rests on the ever changing economic times; specifically influencing consumer purchasing habits. When the economy goes through a slight recession, it drives customers to the stores. Less money to spend means, budgeting and bargain hunting for consumers, which happens to be the forte of Goodwill stores. However, if the economy keeps turning bad, the company gets fewer donations. Fewer donations leads to fewer products to sell and fewer movement in the supply line. Some of their stores rely on the constant product cycles to reach their target demographic. Without donations, the


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