Historical Overview of Us Govt's Role in Long Term Healthcare

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A Case Study: Why Illegal Immigration Is an Intergovernmental Mess and Will Remain So

Debra Nance
April 22, 2012
PMG 300 Critical Thinking


Along with religion and taxes, do not bring up illegal immigration at a dinner party unless you want heated discussions and grand exits along with lingering strained relationships. A discussion on illegal immigration leads to strong responses and strong emotions no matter what political party affiliation. There are those that blame the Feds for not guarding the borders well enough. And then there are others that blame the Feds for not defending the rights of all citizens. There are those that blame state and local governments for spending on services for "Illegals" that
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According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there were 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2007. If that many people are able to live in the United States illegally, the Federal Government has failed in its obligations to protect the borders and enforce immigration laws.

The argument then continues that if the Federal Government is unable to meet their obligations of protection of the borders and enforcement of legal naturalization, then there should be no Federal Mandate to the State and Local governments without funding to support it. Or if there is no funding and the States and Local governments have to then fund these services, States Rights and Local Government Rights should prevail on the decisions as to what services should or should not be offered. If the State or Local governments do not want to provide education or medical services to illegal immigrants then they should not have to do so.

The Federal Government has a history of unfunded mandates to the States and County government. One example was in the 1970s with changes to Mental Health laws and providing of treatment services. Once it was determined in the courts that people could not be kept in mental hospitals if they were no danger to anyone else, and that they should be free to live their lives outside of institutions, the responsibility was shifted to the Community Mental Health