Improving Processes

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Improving Processes: Chipotle Mexican Grill
This report is to discuss the findings from observations made at the Chipotle restaurant on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando. Observations were made on Monday August 9, 2010 with the first time frame from noon to 1 p.m. and the second time frame from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. These observations are used to make recommendations on managing queues, process capability, and statistical process control.
Observations from the two time frames will provide information regarding the process design of customers placing orders, preparation, and payment, employee duties when not preparing orders, along with the number of customers served. A stop-watch and a note pad were used to collect information. According
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Chipotle appears to be a lean operation.
Process Design
Chipotle has a basic design process where order taking, food assembly, and payment is in sync. Chipotle offers a self-serve condiment bar. Chipotle accepts credit/debit cards but does not require a signature, which saves time and makes the process more efficient when it comes to time metric. Chipotle has a short lead time from order placement to order completion. Chipotle offers some food promotions that are also processed quickly.
Statistical Process Control During my observations, I did not see any customers return a food item for replacement nor did I observe any food being destroyed because it was considered unusable. Chipotle appears to have controls in place for when to cook the meat to avoid waste. Chipotle can adapt quickly from a slow period to busy period quickly. The backup system of having items available for replacement in the production line saves time. Chipotle takes pride in offering healthy, high quality food choices from sustainable resources. Chipotle contracts with certain farmers who agree to meet the requirements of Chipotle for the products they serve; products are rarely purchased for use outside the United States.
Six Sigma
Using the words of Edward Baker, former director of quality at Ford Motor Company, “Until you reach agreement on what constitutes a service defect, your Six Sigma effort will likely disappoint.”


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