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Primary Source Analysis Paper
In the pictorial, Miss Colombia’s School House (1894), my initial impression is that this picture serves as the basis for the term “the great melting pot”. The pictorial shows the exclusion of Hawaii and Canada from the United States at that time but the desire to include them. The views of the South are expressed with the presence of the African American child being accosted with a weapon. The picture further depicts an Anglo child assaulting an Asian child. In the back of the pictorial one of the attendees is protesting his view of socialism by carrying a red flag with the work socialism publicized on the flag. This pictorial gives a quick look in to history regarding America’s relations with
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According to President Reagan “having a positive view of American history” means that we should never let the progress in American over shadow the struggles in our history. President Reagan used the Civil Right Movement to stress the problems with discrimination. He elaborates that no citizen should be discriminated against based their religion or ethnic background. Reagan highlights that many accomplishments have been made in the past that were implemented by our founding fathers and should not be forgotten. President Reagan had a plan to try to restore prayer in public schools by sending Congress a constitutional amendment. If the Supreme
Courts and Congress can open with a prayer, why can’t our schoolchildren have the same privilege? Reagan believed that the disappearance of prayer in schools was a direct correlation with the state of morality in society. He believed that morality, principles, ethics, and common decency were fading in the United States morality. Reagan believed that it was the job of government and all of its citizens to restore these pertinent values. To illustrate his claim of fading morality he highlighted how the federally funded clinics were not notifying parents of underage girls having an abortion. Reagan was adamant about maintaining the morality and values of this nation and instead of implementing the civil liberties that the founding fathers established such as