Bshs 485 Week 2 Capstone Worksheet

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Mon Valley Case Study Responses

Read “How the Strategic Prinicples of Consensus Organizing Were Applied in the Mon Valley” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing. The following questions come from “Questions About the Mon Valley Case Study” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing.

Identify where you see strategic principles of consensus organizing demonstrated in the Mon Valley Case Study. Provide 150- to 200-word answers for each of the following principles and the summary.

|Strategic principle 1: Solutions to local problems should come from affected communities. |
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Eichler’s most important task was to develop a plan that include both the residents as well as corporate organizations By |
|developing the Local Initiatives Support Corporation(LISC) he was able to organize the residents as well as engage the corporate community |
|in a redeveloping effort. This required the LISC to utilize the consensus organizing method of parallel organizing which required the |
|neighborhood residents to work within the neighborhood as well as work outside the neighborhood with external resource