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Health Care Industry Paper
By: Stephanie Santana
University of Phoenix
Karen Gibble

Health Care Industry The health care industry is the fastest growing field. As the years go by, more and more discoveries will be made. This paper will discuss the changes from the past 10 years, what I believe will be the biggest change in the next 10 years, my role in the industry, adapting my skills to grow with the change, my perception towards the changes, technologies role, and financial and economical issues.
Changes Within the Last 10 Years There have been many changes that have occurred within the last 10 years. People are living longer due to the development of new treatment options and testing. The H1N1 vaccination was
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I was not aware of HIPAA laws and the rights patients have. I wasn’t aware that many people weren’t receiving the care they need because they couldn’t afford it and couldn’t find coverage. The biggest impact is “the health care costs, health care access, and the outcomes from it” (Wood, R., 2009, p. 1). I’ve learned that breaking the HIPAA law can result in punishment along with lawsuits. When working in the field ethics and integrity plays a big role in avoiding trouble and being successful.
Role of Technology Technology will play a huge role in the medical industry from security, new treatment options and diagnosing patients, contacting patients and keeping touch through the web such as video conference, prescription refills, etc. It will help to “ensure the compliance in the legal requirements of health care and it will help to reduce the costs and provide better care than before” (Finnegan, 2012) Technology will help with providing more “communication systems, electronic medical records, and more computerized physician order entry solutions at a fast speed than before” (Finnegan, 2012). Patients will be happier with the faster services and the improvement with the quality care.
Financial and Economic Issues Financial and economic issues that will be faced are results from baby boomers. Our society isn’t prepared for people living longer and providing the care that will be


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