Shouldice Hospital Case

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Question 1 Model Shouldice Hospital as a processing operation with products, attributes and resources.

Model Shouldice Hospital as a Processing Operations unit can be viewed as having the following Process structure.
Input: The patients entering the Clinic after getting the confirmation on the date of the operation.
Output: The output in this case is the number of successfully operated patients who underwent the entire process.
Flow Unit: This is one patient that go through the process.
The Process starts when the patient enters the hospital and ends on the day of the discharge. We can also find that the number of inputs in the process may not be equal to or could be less than the number of output. There are patients who are sent
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feet main house in Thornhill, 15 miles north of downtown Toronto. Currently, with a capacity of 89 beds and volume reaching to 6,850 operations in 1982. * Labor: There were 22 full-time and 18 part-time employees in the Nursing staff, 12 full-time and 7 part-time assistant surgeons and one anesthetist. Each operating team required a surgeon, an assistant surgeon, a scrub nurse and a circulating nurse. The other staff included 2 from accounting, 3 in Kitchen, 2 in Laundry and 3 for housekeeping. * Capital: The operating rooms, instruments, laboratory, recovery room and central supply area and just two mobile units lowered their cost as they dint require equipments to monitor anesthetics in each room. Also the free service for parents accompanying the children helped in lowering the nursing cost.
Question 2 What are its Competitive Priorities?

The competitive advantage that the hospital has when compared to others is the quality of service it offers. The low recurrence rate, rapid recovery and early ambulation are the priorities that distinguish Shouldice from other Hospital. The hospital improved the quality of the services they provided by making sure the staff interacts with the patients on a regular basis and also patients with similar backgrounds are allowed to share rooms.

Selection of Staff:

The selection process of doctors is implemented with great care. Apart from education


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