Dilemma at Devils Den

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Susan was working at a snack bar, called The Devil’s Den. At the time she was there she realized that there were some difficulties of the employees doing their job right, such as thefts that were going on for a long time now. Something else that bothered Susan was that no one paid attention of the behavior of the night shift employees.
Devil’s Den had a contract with the College Food Service (CFS). The employees from the snack bar took advantage of this situation and they got too loose. They took food after their shift and gave to their friends these freebies to. Susan’s colleagues took large quantities of freebies but no one ever checked the storage. The storage room was unlocked all the time and all employees had free access to the food.
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Management must provide training necessary to ensure that all staff has sufficient skills to fulfill assigned duties.
A control system is necessary in the Devils Den. Employees have assigned duties, like I said before, and there are divided, so they must be coordinated and controlled. The managers of the snack bar must establish a motivating climate for the employees. Also the management should carefully consider the behavioral aspects of the process when designing a control system, because of the freedom and laxity that their employees have.
Managers should use rewards and discipline systems. In Devils Den snack bar must develop punishment at first. In this way employees will understand the importance of their job. When you try, you gain, so the punishment get the reward after a while and reward get discipline. When employees behave and do correctly their job there will be their reward. For having rewards to the Devils Den, firstly CFS must have written rules and policies so employees can be organized correctly. With rewards all of them will focus to their target and they will ask for recognition, and with this aspect will come the discipline.
We cannot say that the management of Devils Den performs with success the exhibition of ethical leadership. When we talk about ethical leadership, we mean the flow from the organizational level to the next. We find on the Devils Den a negative relationship between both management and employees. The responsibility is a main


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