Essay on Hanna Rosin’s Article ”the End of Men”

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Essay on Hanna Rosin’s article ”The End of Men”

Hanna Rose’s The End of Men is an article with a strong and controversial message: Women are taking over. I find it provocative and controversial because of the fact that men have always been the leading force in the world, until now – according to Hanna Rose. In the article, Hanna Rose argues in favour of the women’s dominance at school and on the labour market, which numbers and statistics have shown recently.
Hanna Rose is a female journalist and I can image her being about 30-40 years, due to her style of writing. She refers to older statements and she uses stories about old biologists, such as Ronald Ericsson. The effect of using an opponent in her article is that she provides material
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It says, “That such a statement should be casually uttered by and old cowboy like Ericsson”.
So what do I, as a boy, think of the article? Well, first of all I think that the idea of women taking over control is cracked-up by the media, and especially female journalists, as Hanna Rose, who are experts in this media-manipulation. As a man, I find it difficult imaging a woman controlling the world. In the world today, there is a male majority in top-politics positions, including Barack Obama, who are the leader of the most influential state in the world. I can’t see women taking over this role, not even within 20 years. So why is it, that I can’t see women taking over? Well, first of all, let me introduce you to one of her strongest arguments. Hanna Rosin mentions in line 2, at the first page, “For every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same”. The text has general speaking a lot of focus on women being represented in large numbers on the colleges and the managing jobs too, but I can’t see why that fact can make them superior to men. I mean, women might have a higher education-rate, but men still have the largest brains, which is proven by scientist, and for the same reason became the leading sex at the beginning. Will men preserve the control? Men are just born to be leaders, in my opinion. So I can’t see men falling behind. I’m not a male chauvinist pig kind of