Reflected Best Self

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Reflected Best Self

Common Theme Examples Given Possible Interpretation
Hard Working I am restless until I complete my pending task. I used to complete all my assignments projects within deadlines during engineering. I also adhere to my study/work schedule. I am ready to stretch to the limits of my capabilities for completing the job. I usually want to complete all my assignments before time. I am not a person who works well with deadlines. I am really focussed and like to plan my thing. I don't hesitate to walk the extra mile to get the job done.
Trustworthy People can say whatever they feel like and I am open to feedback. I also give honest feedback to my friends so that they can improve upon their weaknesses and people expects me
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I am a kind of a guy who can never lie to his friends just because they won’t take it well. I always shows them true picture and help them in all possible way. Many a times I had altercations with some of them but everything was forgotten by the end of the day. I used to be a short tempered guy during my child hood and family and school friends know that about me really well. The current feedback shows me that I have come a long way since then. I am more composed and calm now. I don’t shout and loose temper at small things. I have learned to handle things more efficiently than before. Whenever my friends are in trouble they always look up to me to help them and I believe I have done a decent job till now. I have been very lucky to have some very good people around me. I never had to search for people to help me in my troubled state. I would make sure things don’t change much in the future.

I, now, know what I am when I am at my best and I also know the areas where there is huge scope for improvement. Analysing the past and gearing up for future will go a long way in helping me to succeed in all my future


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