Derrick Todd Lee

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“Evil around the Campus” Serial crimes are thought of as some of the worse that exist. Fear is inevitable in the area that the crimes are occurring and people seek ways to make themselves feel safer, sometimes taking extreme measures. This was the case when Derrick Todd Lee was playing his game around the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge. Derrick Todd Lee grew up in small-town St. Francisville, Louisiana with his mother, father, and siblings. Shortly after his birth, Lee’s father, Samuel Ruth, left the family. His mother thought this to be a good thing due to the fact that Ruth suffered from mental illness and was eventually hospitalized after the attempted murder of his ex-wife. Lee’s mother remarried and Coleman …show more content…

Alexander survived the attack and helped the police put together a composite of Lee. Without her help, it is doubtful that Lee would have been caught when he was. Alexander gave the police the face they had been looking for.
Pamela Kinamore was a business owner in the Denham Springs area. She was kidnapped from her home, beaten, raped, and her throat was cut. Investigators did not find evidence that her killer broke into the home. He either came through an opened window or door or she let him enter. Her body was discovered four days after she went missing, concealed under bushes about 20 miles from Baton Rouge in an area called Whiskey Bay. The investigators believed that Lee carefully placed her body there. A small silver toe ring that she almost always wore was missing. Police believe it was taken by Lee as a trophy. Trineisha Dene Colomb of Lafayette was grieving over the recent loss of her mother when she was kidnapped from her mother's burial site. Her body was found three days after she went missing about 20 miles from where her car was found in Scott, LA. She had been raped and beaten to death. DNA was later linked to Derrick Todd Lee.
Carrie Lynn Yoder was living in Baton Rouge when she was kidnapped from her LSU apartment, beaten, raped and strangled to death. On March 13, 2003, her decomposing body was found in Whiskey Bay near the same location to where Pam Kinamore's body had been found. Unlike Pam's body