Dangerous Liaisons Essay

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Comparison and Differences of Dangerous Liaisons Novel and Film The film Dangerous Liaison, directed by Stephen Frears remains just about faithful to the epistolary novel, Dangerous Liaisons, by Choderlos de Laclos. Stephen Frears does "betray" the novel towards the end of the film but, it makes the ending that much more better and enticing. The film represents what the epistolary novel only hints at us readers. The novel is composed of letters where we only get a sense of the characters thoughts and emotions. The film tries to put those words into action but only showing one version of each scene. It is different in which the writer of the novel is using words while the film maker is using pictures to describe what's happening. …show more content…

While playing in the game of seduction he gets into a battle with Chevalier Danceny, sadly Valmont loses the battle and dies. In this scene of the film, Valmont is laying on the ground dying and confess his love for Tourvel to Danceny which doesn’t happen in the novel. Valmont says to Danceny, at least you had a good cause, I don’t believe that’s something that could be sad about me. Watching this scene made me feel pity for Valmont. He fell in love with Tourvel but Merteuil told him to break it off. Seeing Tourvel dying in her bed was very sad to watch and made me start to hate Merteuil, she was a cruel person with mean intentions and it was her time to feel all the pain she put on these people. The film, Dangerous Liaisons, directed by Stephen Frears was almost similar to the epistolary novel, Dangerous Liaisons, written by Choderlos de Laclos. I enjoyed seeing how Stephen Frears created a film based on a book composed of letters. I think he did a great job and enjoyed the movie more than the book. I think Frears made a good choice changing the ending of the film, the exaggerated social fall of the once "libertine" Marquise de Merteuil was so great and brilliantly put together. There other changes in the film weren't as major as the ending but, they all pieced together to create a great film with such a rollercoaster of emotions along the way as a