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Countryside Environmental Services Joseph Menna


• CES, a waste management company, employs Vincent Woodman as consultant and manager to assist in getting a landfill site approved • Conflict arises between Vincent and Gwen, the Office Manager - Gwen also has a power hold on the owner, John Hopkins • Possibility of more than a working relationship between John and Gwen • Gwen is causing tension and problems in the workplace with everyone, due to her perceived family problems • Gwen feels John has taken some of her power and given it to Vincent • Vincent’s arrival has caused Gwen to feel under-rated in the current project and has stressed this fact to Vincent, John and others •
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He has to assert himself and let her know that this is how it will be on this project and where she fits into the picture. Her attitude has to change for the better, and her power trips have to disappear. An immediate change of attitude and behavior is to be demanded from her, or face disciplinary action. Vincent should also sit down with Gwen after the fact, and start over again on a good note with her. This wills all depend on whether Gwen does indeed change her behavior and if not, John will have to decide who is more important to keep on this project.


The cause of all these problems is that John has not put an updated organizational chart and chain of


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