Coordinator Interview

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Marchelle Smith
SPE-350 Special Education Litigation and Law
September 23, 2013
Angel Barkel Least Restrictive Environment Interview Lynne Smoak is the coordinator for our district in the special education department. She has been with our district for over 25 years in special education. She became the coordinator in 1994 and she feels that all our students should feel that they are important and that their education is important. Lynn graduated from Salisbury University with a Masters in Special Education. She has been involved in the reading literacy program within our district for more than 10 years. Lynne was a special education teacher for more 10 years and she loved teaching her students.
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There was an investigation and we had to supply all supporting documents that showed we were working to get the child in a LRE but at the time there was no evidence that the student had disability until about a year later when it was revealed that the student had ADHD. We had taken many measures to assure that the student was getting all the help that was needed so that the student was getting educational help. We tried many different settings and techniques to see what would help with this student. We end up doing direct service inside and outside the classroom. The investigation did state that we took the proper steps to help thee student.
5. What are the teacher qualifications for each type of service delivery?
Lynne: In our district and Maryland we have identified that our teachers need to be prepared to be able to handle those students who come in with a disability. General education teachers require that teachers have 3 credits in special education. Some teachers take a disability survey course (“Disability101”) in order to get meet the standard of their 3-credit requirement. Many education students fear to having students with disabilities in their classroom after taking the survey. Having teacher to be prepared to handle disability students is very important because it gives them the advantage of being able to help their students. To better prepare


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