Compare and Contrast Essay - Solar Power vs Coal Power

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“Compare and contrast solar power with coal powered energy”

Energy is an important factor in todays society, it is neccesary to power business, manufacturing and the transportation of goods and services all around the world. Solar powered energy is energy from the sun. This energy can be conerted into different energy like heat and electricity. Heat can be used to heat water or heat spaces, for example heating for houses, buildings or even swimming pools. Solar energy can be converted in two ways, by Photovoltaic or “solar cells” which change sunlight directly into electricity or by concentrating solar power plants which generate electricity by using heat from solar thermal collectors. Coal powered energy has played an important role in
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Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are responsible for about 65% of the extra carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Coal mining can also damage the landscape as it requires trees to be cut down, this can impact on wildlife as they have are being forced out of their natural habitat. Similarly, Cadmium, a type of conductor which is used to convert solar energy into electricity, is highly toxic and can build up in the environment even though it is used in small amounts. While coal is a huge contributing factor towards pollution, solar power produces almost no carbon emission or greenhouse gases. There is no oil being burnt nor does it produce toxic waste and its lack of moving parts reduces the chance of enviromental accidents drastically, the only possible pollution may result from the construction and transportation of its parts. The material used to make photovoltaic cells which contribute to most solar energy systems are usually made of silicon, one of the most common minerals found on Earth. This means that creating the components is extremely easy, it doesn’t require mining or drilling therefore limiting the negative environmental effects. Solar energy is shown to be the obvious choice when environmental factors come into discussion.

The large amount of land required for solar power plants causes a