evaluation essay on Limitless the movie

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Is Being Limitless Really Worth It? Is Being Limitless Really Worth It?
The film Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, is set in New York as he plays the part as Eddie Mora exploring that his life as a writer is getting him nowhere fast. Towards the start of the movie Eddie is portrayed as an average New Yorker that is enduring a very tough time in his life until he gets reacquainted with his old brother-in-law. Eddie is invited back to his house where he introduces a new drug to him called NZT-48. This drug is supposed to maximize the Brain’s thinking process, making it easier to learn and achieve great heights. Eddie decides to try this miracle drug and he writes his book that he has been working on for months from
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It’s amazing how all the technology in the world could make a synthetic drug that amazingly allows 100% control of your brain. I think that technology is great resource for many pharmaceutical companies and I think that there are many great benefits for users of these products with the exception of NZT-48. Although I agree with the main aspect for the drugs being to help stimulate the user’s brain, I disagree with the use of this drug because of side effects on the users. Also with a safer option at hand I would have to say I would resort to the option that wouldn’t possibly lead to death. Although being successful in this world is a great goal to have, someone shouldn’t gamble their life with a drug, they should consider the effects upon using a drug, and see how resorting from that drug will affect their relationships with others.

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