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The strategic staffing process is guided by a set of staffing goals (process and outcome goals) that are logically linked with the company’s business strategy, culture and values. CHERN has managed to create a competitive advantage by providing quality products and the best customer service in the industry. Superior quality customer service is the company’s business strategy and this is linked to a very aggressive growth strategy for the next 5 years.
The table below helps to understand the implications that the business growth strategy has on the staffing process at the company. The positions highlighted on the table are the positions that CHERN has to focus on because they are the core drivers of the company’s performance and they make
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The goals of the HR strategy involve providing training, support and the tools needed for our talent to fully develop within the company in a fair environment.
Staffing Strategy
To describe CHERN’s staffing strategy, we will divide this analysis into the 9 elements of the Staffing Strategy, and briefly describe its implications.
1. Core Vs Flexible Workforce.

CHER benefits from a core workforce as opposed to a flexible workforce, because as we highlighted before, employees are central to their success and vital to achieve competitive advantage. CHERN’s effort on retaining valuable staff will contribute to achieving long term goals. Even though the company still has some part-time staff, they still consider them part of their core workforce and offer them similar benefits and same fair conditions.

2. Hire Internally Vs Hire Externally.

CHERN has to source its talent both externally and internally. The company should continue to develop current talent and work on succession planning, as done until now. This sends the message that good performance is rewarded enhancing staff motivation. Also, it allows staff in new positions to get up to speed easily because they already know the company’s culture and the way


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