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Catharina Svanborg says she does; it is human breast milk, and it is killing cancer cells! It has been extremely difficult to convince her science colleagues that the work she is doing is for real! Her lab is not large, and she does not qualify as a high-profile, "big scientist." Besides, her specialty is not even cancer at all but infectious disease. David Solomon, a cancer researcher at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that novel ideas in science always challenge the current paradigm. Furthermore, he said, "If this work had come from a well-known lab at the NCI, you'd have reporters calling six days to Sunday. You'd have scientists eager to collaborate. But it's coming from a small lab in a foreign country. It's like General …show more content…

Not sure what qualifies as normal but I am going to assume the answer you want is less than a month. The problem is I think you meant to ask “how does this relate to the previous question” but since you copied and pasted this assignment from there are errors in the assignment.
6. What is the scientific name given to cells committing suicide? Why would cells commit suicide normally?
Apoptosis. There are several reasons but mainly it is in order to keep the organism as a whole alive.
7. How does the finding that infants raised with breast milk were nine times less susceptible than bottle-fed infants to lymphoma demonstrate that there may be a link between something in human milk and cancer cell destruction?
When you have two seemly identical test groups with only one variable it can be used to narrow down the source of these infants being less susceptible to lymphoma.
8. What does the discovery of cancer-killing effects of breast milk while looking for effects of milk on bacteria tell you about the process of science?
Science is messy and unpredictable no matter how hard we try to control and organize it.

Although you are correct Chris and I did thoroughly enjoy reading your discussion one post do you think maybe you were just trying to find the easiest thing to comment on. I mean does it really matter? At the end of the day, it is 2014 and everyone is going to or google anyway.