Bosu Balance Trainer

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1. Review the principles of competitive advantage in Figure 3-12. Which types of competitive advantage has BOSU used to defeat copycat products?

Bosu has successfully used the principles of product enhancement, customer lock-in, raising entry barriers, and alliances to defeat copycat products

2. What role did information systems play in your answer to question 1?

Information systems were very important. The database of trainer data was used extensively to help create and maintain the close relationship Fitness Quest desired with their trainers.

3. What additional information systems could Fitness Quest develop to create barriers to entry to the competition and to lock in customers?

Fitness Quest could enhance its
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5. Allows trainers to search for more options (outside sources) of training classes

6. Describe major differences between the BOSU product and the IndoRow product. Consider product use, product price, customer resistance, competition, competitive threats, and other factors related to market acceptance.

- Small
- Inexpensive
- Light
- Easily transported
- Personalize-capable
- Can easily be used on a one to one basis/ can be used at home
- Can easily be sold at retail stores
- Easy to chat with other users
- Price and size range indicates that there is more likely to be competitors in the market segment
- Easier to replicated product design
- Easily applicable for the average customer because the price is low, the size is small, and the availability due to ease of market penetration will be high.

- Large
- Expensive
- Heavy
- Hard to transport
- Not easily personalized
- So large that it would be more cost applicable to use at a gym rather than making a personal gym
- Not easily sold at a retail store, would more likely be found in a warehouse store
- Harder to chat with other users
- Product type indicates that do to the size and price it is more likely to have less competitors
- Harder to replicate product design
- Not easily applicable for the average consumer

Both BOSU and IndoRow have a fun design to get customers interested, and they both rely on creating a large competitive workout


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